Food Packaging

Whether its meat, poultry, bakery, frozen, confectionery, dairy, produce, canned or bottled products, food handling businesses face ever-increasing regulatory and consumer demands to ensure that foodstuffs are properly processed and packaged.

Manufacturing Packaging

Vista Packaging recognizes that manufacturers need a partner who will help identify opportunities for improvement and introduce modular solutions designed to meet specific goals.

Pharmaceutical Packaging

We are specialized in addressing the unique packaging needs of the medical supply industry. We recognize that packaging is not just about transporting an item from manufacturer to end user.

Who We Are

Above all, we believe that importance and value of quality packaging is profession packaging.

Vista packaging is a medium sized company that specializes in the supply of packaging materials to companies and businesses in the region. It was founded in the year 2010 after a careful research that showed there is a need for a responsive and a versatile supplier who will bend to make sure client’s needs have been met in timely and quick manner so that their normal business is not interrupted.


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Satsfied Clients

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About Us

Our Culture

While working hard to meet our customer’s needs on a daily basis, the employee-owners of Vista Packaging also take time out to celebrate combined successes and individual achievements.

Our Supplier

Vista Packaging has joined forces with a select group of top-tier manufacturers and suppliers to bring our customers only the best, most-effective packaging solutions.We are proud to

Our Staff

Our team is made up of a core of highly qualified and experienced consultants who can work with your company, plus a compact central function to provide back office support.

Our Packaging Product Categories

Protective /Logistics Packaging

As one of our core capabilities, Vista Packages offers a wide variety of protective and Logistic packaging solutions designed to safeguard your valued shipments throughout the entire packing, transportation and storage process.

Tape & Adhesives

Our extensive product lines represent everything from general-purpose carton sealing tapes to specialized products featuring specific properties for high-demand packaging needs.As one of Vista’s core product lines, we have cultivated long-term relationships with leading suppliers of quality tape and adhesive products.

Catering Products

As a dedicated, full-service solutions partner, Vista Packaging combines catering products, consulting services and packaging design to offer our customers comprehensive, cost-effective solutions for projects of any size, scope or complexity.

Pallet Unitization Products

Vista supplies strapping products, tools and accessories that provide reliable pallet unitization solutions for a wide range of industry-specific applications. Our high-quality, dependable products offer numerous options for securing and stabilizing palletized loads of any size, weight, and configuration.

Labels Supplies

Vista Packaging offers a large selection of labels and mailroom supplies to address a wide range of requirements from product identification to supply chain management and brand recognition. We offer mailers in cushioned, non-cushioned, rigid and corrugated styles. Each is designed specifically to safely transport and conveniently store a wide range of items.

Flexible Packaging

Vista Packaging specializes in providing flexible packaging products to a variety of markets such as food, beverage, pharmaceutical, health & beauty, pet food, and other consumer products.

Our Core Values

Integrity Properties

Our professionals help clients optimize their businesses, improve their operations and risk profile.

Privacy and Safety

Our capabilities and intellectual capital are enhanced by our deep industry expertise and hands-on, collaborative approach.


Vista Packaging thought leadership is evident in our agenda-setting books, white papers, research reports in the business press.

Quality Services

Our professionals see what others don’t, challenge conventional thinking, and consistently deliver innovative solutions.

Challenging Staff

Institute connects the firm with prominent leaders of the academic community for joint research on frontier issues.

Innovation Solutions

We work side by side with senior executives to accelerate execution through a blend of analytical and management approaches.

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